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The Impromptu Climate Modeling Journal Club

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The Impromptu Climate Modeling Journal Club is a bunch of technical and semi-technical people who decided they wanted to know about the state of the art in climate modeling.

So what does the journal club do? Every week (or so), someone volunteers to cover a paper: they read that paper well enough to be able to explain it, write up a post with a link to the paper and an explanation of what it says, and then participate actively in a discussion about it. The idea is that after doing this enough times, we should be current in the field.

Where do you find papers? A certain amount of hunting, talking to people, following up bibliographic references from other papers... if you find a paper worth doing, post a note about it to the community!

Can anyone participate? Sure. To present a paper will probably require at least some sort of technical background, but most climate modelling papers don't seem to require a deep speciality in the field. Which is good, because (at least as of now) nobody on this list is a professional climatologist. If you don't have a heavy technical background, but don't mind technical conversation, you can still participate in the discussion group!

What about discussing politics, calls to action, etc.? While a little discussion of "how do we respond to result X" is appropriate, this list is really meant to discuss science rather than politics. If any conversations start to get too heavily into politics, they should probably move to another forum.

Is there an overall political slant? Not really. Maybe the users will have one; damned if I know. All sides are welcome.

Rules of conduct? Basically, the usual: No flames, obvious trolls, or spam. Rules will be enforced unmercifully by the absolute dictatorship of the list mod.